To Accomplish Your Organizing Tasks...

Hire An Accomplished Organizer!


You may need the services of a professional organizer if you’re:
• overwhelmed or embarrassed
• missing deadlines or losing opportunities
• buying duplicate items you shouldn’t need
• spinning your wheels with failed attempts to be organized

If you’re looking for a professional organizer who will:
• work hard and fast, digging in to get the job done
• customize solutions according to your specific needs and your style
• establish self-sustaining systems to get and keep you organized


…it’s time to Send In Maureen!


Maureen is one of those naturally organized people who instinctively knows what to do in chaotic or cluttered situations. She’s also studied the art of organizing extensively throughout her adult life. Since her company was established in 2006, homes and offices in every conceivable condition have been transformed into places of beauty and efficiency. People have learned easy-to-implement strategies for preventing disorder and their lives have been improved because of it.

Maureen excels at implementing simple yet creative systems that are designed to keep any home or office in order. She delivers customized solutions with an affable demeanor and a ‘can do’ attitude. She’s a compassionate listener determined to understand a clients’ ultimate goals. Walking into a room, she can envision the positive outcomes long before the work begins. She has spent years perfecting her organizing skills and decades living a life of thoughtful reduction and voluntary simplicity. She’s just itching to get at that organizing project of yours that up to now has had you baffled.

When you're better organized, you're better at everything else you do!
- Maureen Heinen

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